Not able detects http packets in wireshark


i am using http request node to request to the server. and i want to analyse the pakage transmission between node red and server. but i am not able get any package transmission data in wireshark

Hi @kiran

If you are asking for help with wireshark, you'll have to share some more details.

Where are you running wireshark in relation to where you are running node-red?

Are your client (browser) and server on different devices? And is the requested URL on a different device to the Node-RED server?

Hi @knolleary

i am running wire shark on computer where node red is installed and Device is configured in same network(running on Ethernet protocol).

if i access the device with python script then i am able to see logs in wire shark.

yes client is running on my desktop(node red) and accessing device using Ethernet with proxy.

So you should be able to capture all traffic between the local device (with WS & NR running on it) and the other server. I'd start with a short capture of any traffic and then hone in on what I needed.