UDP OUT - no output on wireshark

Hello everyone.

I am trying to send a network variable list to a device (WAGO-PFC200) on port 1000, however i do not see any data transmission or receive on port 1000 via wireshark and here is more details on my format array node:

var msg_o = {};

var xOUTPUT_NVL2 = 1;

//forcing a constant value
var arr = [["xOUTPUT_NVL2","BOOL",xOUTPUT_NVL2]];

msg_o.payload = arr;

return msg_o;

Is Wireshark running on the same pc as NR is running?
If not do you have a switch with an monitor output to monitor other ports or maybe an oldskool hub?
Wireshark can only sniff network traffic that's meant for the ipaddress from the machine where Wireshark is running on. Or you need a switch/router with a monitor port.

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yes wireshark is running on the same pc. The other device where node-red is running is and yes i am using a network switch with a monitor port to monitor what is happening.

Is NR running as a user with permissions to send on low port numbers (less than 1024 ?)

Are you runnnig this in Windows or Linux ?


If you put a separate debug node attached to the net-var sender node, what do you see in the debug window?

Also, show us the settings of your UDP node

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