Node Traffic Monitoring

Good day learned fellows...

I am trying to find out if there is a dashboard/status/Info screen that lists the traffic through nodes on a "live" basis...

I have a situation developing where "node-traffic" (I think) grabs a fair bit of horsepower on occasion at irregular intervals from the pi and I would like to see where the traffic is heaviest to try and sort it out....

Any Suggestions?


Hi Ed,
You can use my node-red-contrib-msg-speed node to measure how many messages per time unit pass through a wire. And recently I have published the node-red-contrib-msg-size node, which allows to measure how many bytes per time unit pass through a wire (to measure the throughput).

Hi Bart,

Thanks for coming back to me!

Unfortunately my "little" project has got a bit large...

I need a more "global" approach to try and find the bottlenecks... Pretty much like the "top" or "htop" functions... Once I can find the busy nodes, then for the deeper analysis your goodies would be A1!!

Any ideas on how to do this? Is it even possible?


That has been asked a couple of times in the past. Don't think it is possible, based on those discussions.

In settings.js you can turn on metrics - this is will log a much finer level of timing detail. However we have been waiting for many years for someone to create a nice analyser for that log :slight_smile:


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