Network monitoring : is there a way to monitor network traffic to and from Node-RED in a fine-grained way?

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I've searched the forum and library for clues to this question, but didn't see anything specifically addressing it:

I maintain several N-R instances with many flows each. With something like nethogs, I can see network traffic volume to and from a N-R instance in general , but not to see which flows / nodes / etc are sending or receiving that traffic.

Is there a way for me to see this Tx / Rx information in a more fine-grained way, broken down at the flow or node level?

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Viewed from the outside, there is little information that relates traffic to a specific node though if you are monitoring msg's via MQTT, websocket or another network transmission method, then you will have the _msgid property.

HTTP traffic from one of the UI's (the Editor for administration, or /ui for Dashboard, etc) again will not be easily relatable though in the Editor, I think that most nodes will have an ID that should be relatable.

Probably the easiest (and it isn't that easy - at least for a non-pro developer like me) method is to start up Node-RED with node.js's --inspect parameter. Then you can use something like VScode or one of the Chromium-based browsers (Vivaldi is good for example) to monitor the code as it executes.

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