NodeRed Console Log / CPU Mem per flow

Hello, Looking to find a way to monitor Node-Red in some way. We are having issues lately where the nodes are not running immediately when we tell them to. We have added more cores to the VM and more ram, but performance monitor alone is not helping to identify any potential poorly running flows.

Is there a Console Log that could help us to identify issues?
How about monitoring CPU / Memory usage per flow?

Hi @sourceminer,
Perhaps others have found better ways to do this...

But the most interesting stuff I have found is described here. The disadvantage is that you need to start Node-RED via ClinicJs, and the result is only analyzed after you close it again. So it is no real time monitoring that you can attach to a running Node-RED instance unfortunately.

From what I have read so far, I don't think it is possible to do live monitoring of cpu/memory per node or flow. In case you would like to digg in technical debt, see here for more background info. Warning: it is no bedtime literature :slight_smile:

But of course I might be mistaken...

Thank you for the response. Yes I looked over lots of forum responses about monitoring flows. The One topic I saw that seemed promising was the implementation of the profiling the flows with ClinicJS like you mentioned.

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Adding more cores isn't going to help (under most situations) since all NodeJS applications are single threaded. That's just how NodeJS works

Yes, I have figured this out... hence why I am asking here :wink:

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