Recommended way for measuring timings in a chain of nodes

Hi folks,

I have somewhere a bottleneck in a chain of nodes. So I would like to inject a message in that chain of nodes, and measure the process timing of that message in each node of that chain. I.e. how long it takes for every node to process that message. I don't want to get overwhelmed by other timing information from other nodes in my flow:


Was wondering what is the best way to do that: via metrics, via the flow debugger perhaps, ...

Thanks !!

Perhaps not the best way, but a reasonable (and simple) way is to use this...


Thanks for the pointer!
I had hoped that perhaps someone meanwhile had build some kind of time profiler based on the message hooks :wink:

Thanks for providing this, @Steve-Mcl ! I've been curious about processing time in a couple of my flows but hadn't gotten around to finding a way to show it.

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Would something like node-red-contrib-msg-speed (node) - Node-RED help you?

Hey @Bobo,
Not exactly, since I developed that node to measure the speed of messages. I.e. how many messages pass per time unit. But now I want to determine which node in a chain of nodes is the bottleneck.
The subflow from @Steve-Mcl will do the job.

LOL thats hilarious. I didn't even look to see who wrote it.

Ooops :flushed: Too many xmas drinks already.


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