New modem - accessing it from NR

Sorry folks, I have to start somewhere.

I am connecting (shortly) to this new thing here called..... The NBN.
(aka No Bl**dy Network. NBN)

Anyway, I have got a Linksys 1900ACS modem.

A lot better than the one I have now.

As it is early days, I am still learning about it. But one question has popped up a bit:
Can I access parts of it from within NR?

Like uplink status.
Turn on LEDs. (or turn them off)

Nothing too complicated, but just basic stuff.

Just wondering.

Look in the manufactures documentation and see what they provide. You could also try asking them and/or try a google search.

Tuche. (I think that's how it is spelt)

I am doing that as well. Just in case someone has already done it.

Touche . .

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English was never my best language. :rofl:

Apparently, neither was french :slight_smile:


(I think the irony - sarcasm? - was lost there too.)

That's why the :rofl: was added.

Or, to be pedantic, touché

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