New question with `smooth` node

Ok, I'm still trying.

The other day I asked about how to do something and I was pointed towards the smooth node.

I redacted a question I posted on how to reset it. (Didn't read all the docs)
But that raised a problem as I see it.

I want it to show the MINIMUM value.

That's easy enough if/when a series of data is sent through it.

But what happens when it is reset?

minimum is a problem.

I send the reset message (msg.reset = true) and set msg.payload = 0 which is fine for the MAX and AVG (sorry: mean) values.

But what about MINIMUM - or reset in general?

Sending a 0 it sort of skews the MAX and MEAN values too.

Hello Andrew,
When you reset it, the smooth node just "forgets" the last MIN value it had stored and starts the monitoring over. you shouldn't send it a msg.payload = 0


(I'm about to shoot myself in the foot I'm sure)

The output of this one (and the other two which show MAX and MEAN) are shown in a display.

Um.... Ok. Yeah. You are right.

I guess the trying in my name is still very valid.

Ok, but quickly..... What do I send to the display nodes so they are wiped?
(I put a change node and it was triggered by the reset message and injected a into the display node. OCD sucks) :wink:

i had to test it also :slight_smile: .. yes .. sending a msg.payload = "" to ui_text, clears it.

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