Display lowest temperature

Hi I am looking for a way to display the lowest measured temperature in the night in hassio. I have already managed to measure the temperature within a certain period of time, but how do I manage to ensure that only the lowest measured temperature is displayed within that specified time.

look at the node-red-node-smooth node as one option...

hi dceejay, thanks for your quick response. Could you explain to me how I could implement this properly

In the seven minutes between Dave's suggestion and your reply did you look at the readme for that node (as posted by Dave), install it, look at the configuration options and experiment with it using inject and debug nodes to understand how it works?

thank you Colin for your quick response. but indeed this one I had already looked at and read. sorry can't help it that I don't understand it.

And yes all that in 7 minutes.

If you configure it to show the minimum value seen - is that not what you wanted ?

You can set it to do that over x previous values - if you know the reading rate you can set that large enough to cover the whole of the period of interest - and use msg.reset to clear it out at the start of the period.

thanks dceejay, i give it a try. the last bit about resetting is definitely going to help me.
I got stuck on that a bit.

:slight_smile: from the sidebar info

I know but somehow it doesn't work. can't get it reset. and yes I have read this too ... :wink:

You said you didn't understand, but now you say you tried but couldn't get it to work. In that case show us what you have tried (with that node) and what doesn't work. For the msg.reset problem the most common error with messages similar to that is to use msg.payload.reset instead of msg.reset.

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