Newbie needs help: Reading msg: String status from Azure Save Blob

Hello All.

I do need a bit of help getting the status from Azure Blob Storage node. I do want to rename the file if it's uploaded properly. But I'm not getting able to get the msg.string to process it.

Please, can you help me moving that status looking if string uploaded exist on the phrase.

Thank you.

I'm certain you could do this using fs if you enable it in setting.js however I typically use for file operations.

Thank you Steve.
Yeahh. I can use node-red-contrib-fs-ops to move / copy the file. But what I'm strugling is on reading the output from Azure Save Blob Storage.


I haven't used that node so have no idea what it gets or what it does with what it gets.

For example, does it save direct to file system? Does it send an array of bytes or a nodes buffer in msg.payload in its output? Does it send an object in msg.payload with various properties set describing the output?

Perhaps if you execute it and screen shot the output here?

Tbh, I thought you had managed to get a file written and were trying to simply rename it (this why I posted the fs ops node)

Actually just looked again at your screenshot showing a file name. Is that written anywhere on your file system or is it telling you that's the file it's retrieved?

Is your debug node set to "complete msg"? Perhaps you could expand the full msg in debug sidebar and send a screenshot showing the entire content of the msg output from the azure node?

Hello Again and thanks per replying.

Debug node is set to "complete msg". No msg.payload.

That is all that is shows:


I've review three azure blob nodes and all send almost the same output.

I would want to know to "change" the msg that returns as string the outout to msg.payload.


It says that file has been uploaded to Azure blob

Ah my apologies, I assumed you were getting a file from Azure and wished to rename it locally.

Let me take a guess at what you're trying to do: you want to send a file or data to Azure then rename it? Is that correct?

If so, is this a file you have on your node red machine? Or is it data you have/generate in node red that you send to Azure that ends up in a file?

I guess what I'm asking is, where did that file name come from? Is it a property value sent into the azure node? Can you put a debug node before (complete msg) and show me the output?

If that really is the complete msg that node sends then it is a badly behaved node and needs to be fixed. Nodes must return an object not a string.
Though no-one has touched the node for 2 years so I suspect raising an issue would not get any response.

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Thank you both.

What i want is:
I have a folder to upload files to azure storage blob. Lets call this export folder.

I do want to upload each of those files and then move to a processed folder at source device.

Hope this clarifies. Then I want to capture the output to decide if file needs to be moved or not.

About the output msg. Yes. That is all.


So isn't it a simple case of once the transfer to Azure is complete, you move the source file? You can achieve that using the fs nodes.

Without seeing debug output of full msg each stage of your process, or seeing your full flow it's difficult to give specific advice other than you'll likely need to copy & manipulate the file name path to set the "move to" destination before calling the move file operation

Thank you guys.

I've been reviewing the node code and have modified it to send payload. At present I do receive the filename as msg.payload when upload is succesfull.

I've more than enough with that.

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