Code behind Azure Save Blob Storage Node

Hello. This might be a dumb question but I need to know how the communication works between Node-RED and the Azure Cloud, specifically Blob Storage -> using the following Node:

Does anyone know how/where can I get this information?

Given that you posted a link to github you could either look at the source code or if you have a specific question you could open an issue where the nodes owner would see it.

Hello. I have looked at this code: but I don't really know how this kind of stuff looks like. Does anything in this code say if it happens via HTTP or MQTT or anything like that?

Take a look at the included library in the parent node-modules folder, that one does the heavy lifting. The NR node code just wraps around it. But to answer your question, follow the imports and function/variable calls and it looks like HTTP based, with responses in XML. Endpoints/url structure is located in lib/common/util/constants.js. Just followed the imports and calls to find it.

Hi @afelix, thaks for your help. The main information I have to find is how the communication works, so if it is HTTP that is my answer :slight_smile: Thanks! I can't find the "proof" though. I have searched for lib in node-modules to follow the path lib/common/util/constants.js and I can't do it. Maybe I am missing something(?) Like I said, I am new to this so maybe I don't understand what you mean. Any help is highly appreciated!

Here you go, will still take some searching to puzzle the rest together, but you might be better suited with looking at how their API is supposed to work from the MSDN docs, which I have to admit have always troubled me to navigate around and from my phone I won’t even try. That having said, a search engine will be your friend, and the added keyword “msdn” should bring you to Microsoft’s own set of documentation (or a stackoverflow answer linking there :stuck_out_tongue:)