NFC-Data from iPhone to Node-red

I want to transfer a data-set, read from a NFC-tag with an iPhone X, into node-red. Is there a way to transfer? If 'yes' which way?

You'll need to write an app for the iPhone that reads the data, then you have any number of ways to pass it to Node-RED, simplest is probably just to make HTTP post.

How you write the NFC app for the phone is not something we can help you with here.

Thank you very much. Writing an app or the iPhone is too difficult for me.
Therefore I will try to send the related data via http to a http-in node.
Regards Eberhard

Could you send it in a telegram message?

I'm not sure that this would be easier for me. I have to save the whole telegram message including the data on the NFC-chip. Do you know, how the telegram messages should look like, including the datas "AAAA" and "BBBB"?

No I don't know, sorry.

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