Noble - bluetooth-hci-socket


I' am running:
node 2.3.1
node.js 12.22.7
npm 8.19.3

on Ubuntu 18.04 with Kernel 5.16.

As I am not happy with the node-red contrib-generic-ble (hangs and gives errors) I was trying to enter the "noble-world" becausethere are many BLE-nodes using this library.

But was missing both the "noble" and "the bluetooth-hci-socket" package.

However I installed:
npm install @abandonware/noble
npm install @abandonware/bluetooth-hci-socket

finally without any errors.

However, I can install all the nobel nodes in nodered but after the first deploy nod red is missing the bluetooth-hci-socket for the noble nodes all the time and deaktivates the flows due to missing module

How can I overcome this.

Please help

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