Node exec doesn't work

Hello, I'm using exec for some commands on my computer, passing node to test environment(on another pc) exec node doesn't work, it starts pid, but the command doesn't execute, I tried to put even something basic like "start chrome.exe" and it still doesn't run.

What device and operating system is Node-red installed on?

Is chrome.exe on the path in the environment available to wherever Node-RED is running ?

If you look in task manager for that pid does it show that it is Chrome? It may be that it is running but not displaying anything. Possibly because because there is no display associated with the process. On Linux one would handle this by adding DISPLAY=:1 or similar to the command, but I don't know about Windows.
Note that it will run in the machine node-red is running on, not the one you are running the browser on (thought they may be the same of course).

I managed to solve it, my node-red was starting with the windows services, taking that away and starting node-red by cmd the exec works normally :confused:

Thanks Everyone

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