Node in pending state

I have a RPAworkflow node which is showing pending status. Is there any solution to fix it.
Below is the image attached

I may be stupid but I did a quick search in the library for RPAworkflow and got nothing.
So I can't help you unless you explain more what that is.

And even then: I may not be able to help.

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Welcome to the forums @nagaabhishek

Any reason your including a popular list of tags?
I have removed them - stick to the relevant tags please based on your question, instead of just using popular tags.

As @Trying_to_learn explains - you need to explain what the Node is, and what it does, for anyone to begin helping you.

Welcome to the Forum, @nagaabhishek.

You have not made it easy for us to help. This FAQ is a long read, but a quick look will give you an idea of the information we need to get started troubleshooting with you.

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