Node-RED 0.19.5 released


Node-RED 0.19.5 has been released. A few handy fixes, including for the issues with repeated writes to the File Out node.

Full change-log here:

This is likely the last maintenance release until we get to 0.20. I'll have an update on those plans very soon.


I just yesterday upgraded all my Pis using the pi update script which is a fairly time consuming exercise. Am I right in thinking that for a minor release like this I can just update node red using
sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red
and restart node red?


Unless you are being affected by some of those bugs it may not be worth the effort :slight_smile:


Agreed, but it is still a valid question.


Well if on a pi we always recommend running the upgrade script


I know. What is the difference in outcome when used for an upgrade, assuming that the script has been run once and nodejs and npm are up to date?
The big difference is that running the script takes node red and the process it is controlling down for most of half an hour on a pi zero, whereas just updating node-red the process would only be down for a few tens of seconds while node-red restarts.


today i have installed node-red v0.19.5 on my Pi and i have been facing this problem(error loadind settings file)

u can see in this picture


Not sure how you have installed node-RED - did you use the node-RED install script (as per the install guide)??
You should not need sudo to start node-RED, and your start command is wrong. It should be simply;

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Also note that the log says: Error: port in use

Maybe you already started Node-RED ? Did you try to stop it and start again? If the issue persists maybe it is better to open a specific thread in the forum. Posts tagged as "News" are supposed to notify the community of new releases, not the best place to ask help for troubleshooting.


and adding to the other two great suggestions.

Never use sudo unless you need to and to run Node-RED it will cause more problems

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thanks for assisting it was helpful.