🎉 Node-RED 3.0.0-beta.2 released

I don't think so, if you look at the dashed swipe track line, you'll see I curved it's path between the 2 crossed lines, but yes, maybe it was a little close.
I think that the bigger problem is trying to perform a 'consistent speed' swipe using a touchpad, whilst holding down a touchpad button, and the keyboard combination at the same time. It isn't easy! and results in wires being missed because the cursor travelled too fast over a particular section of the swipe.
But, not a big problem, lets leave it here, just need to be aware and double check afterwards, and if it's missed a wire, I can always Ctl-Z and try again :grinning:

the width of the wires is actually wider than the visible width in order to make them easier to select in normal operation


I think that it is about as good as it gets right now and the main thing is to make sure that the documentation mentions this.

I tried Node-RED 3 beta and want to let you know some thoughts.

Node-RED 3 now automatically create dummy names, e.g. "function 1", or "link in 2". But this clashes with the nrLint plugin checks 'no-unnamed-functions' and 'no-unnamed-links'. The linter doesn't detect these nodes as being unnamed.

I think that these automatic names are not very helpful at all, that is why the linter was such a great tool to identify unnamed functions. Automatic names are nice for temporary debug nodes, but not functions or links.

Or, nrLint must count these dummy names as being unnamed.

That was partly the intention.

It was designed to reduce the places where a flow has mostly unnamed items making debugging less difficult. Why not simply name them as you go?

But they are better than no name as they are at least unique within your flows.

We could certainly add an option to the rules to flag nodes that still have a default name set - but it would be an option that could be toggled, rather than fixed behaviour.


Yes, that's exactly what I usually do. :wink: But hey, in the heat of the moment some nodes get overlooked, or naming is delayed. If you concentrate on what the flow should do, there is often not the right time to think about good function names.

Once the flow works I usually look over it and name functions etc. This is where the linter is great help.

Yes, Nick, great idea. At least the linter should be able to determine unnamed nodes. If not it would make a mockery of it.

@Flachmann would you be kind enough to add an issue for this item on the main node-red repo so it is not missed? Please link back to this thread for reference. Ta.


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What am I doing wrong? This is on Firefox and Chromium. Alt key, OK, then left mouse button and move the mouse pointer over the wires. This is getting the gripper and the whole browser window is moving.

Are you holding the Alt key down until you finish moving the mouse?

What OS is that on?

If there's an OS level handler for that particular combination, then it will be preventing it from reaching the browser.... and we'll need to have another think about the choice of shortcut

Morning Nick. When I was first working on the mouse and modifier design doc, I had it down as control drag but because we handle mouse down instead of click for quick add, there was a race condition. That's why, on my first attempt at remapping, I moved the quick add handler to mouse up but there were too many quirks and code paths and everything I did to handle that quirk led to another quirk. That's when I changed to the alt key as that was unused. If we intend on revisiting this, we might want to consider giving it another go using control and control shift instead of the alt key?

Linux Mint 20.3 Una

Could it not be just a node that's dragged out of the sidebar like all the others and avoid all this trouble?


Yep, on MX Linux I had to disable the default ALT drag shortcut to get wire slicing working!

Why not combine it with Link Node In/Out. Upon selection just check option to make it a junction.

Is upgrading with docker as simple as changing the tag from 2->3? or does anything else need doing?

As this is a beta release, you need to use the node-red-dev images - 🎉 Node-RED 3.0.0-beta.2 released - #14 by hardillb