Node Red Admin behind firewall

We have node red running in a kuberntices cluster, we have Nginx running on the font end.

We want to send the admin screen behind a VPN.

Nginx ignore the #flow, how do we route the admin screen and leave all other alone.

Anything after (and including) the # never leaves the browser, so nginx will never see it so can not filter on it.

What do you mean by the admin screen?

If you want to enforce a VPN connection then you should be filtering on requesting IP address.

The node-red screen where you manage the flows should not be accessible outside the vpn, but any of the automation flows need to be.

We short of fixed it in reverse, all http in request, we prefixed with a path. Those paths are allowed any other paths are blocked.

On the VPN we can get the the node-red flows.


OK, so the correct term is the editor, not admin screen.

You can move the path to the editor by updating the httpAdminRoot in the settings.js

You can also prepend a path to all the http-in nodes with the httpNodeRoot entry.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you.

That made life a lot easier

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