Node-RED Admin UI: Display message to user?

I'm sure I should know how to do this but I can't quite work it out and I haven't managed to successfully search for it.

Is there a way to display the "toast" type pop-up notification in the admin UI such as Node-RED itself produces from time to time?

Yup - RED.notify('Your message here', options);

options.type can be success, warning or error (or not specified for a neutral style).

There are other options, which aren't well documented, but if you're just doing a normal notification you should not need to worry about them.


Thanks Nick. Just what I need.

I've pushed a new blog post with the info for reference. If you want me to do a PR on docs, let me know and I can add it.

Not sure how stable you think the definitions are though. I'm happy to add warnings if needs be.

I'd rather we updated the official documentation before you publish docs on that describe deprecated features that should not be used.

There are also undocumented issues with how some of those options interact.

I will add a warning to the post. As I say, more than happy to update the official docs.

Also, if there is anything specific that shouldn't be used, please let me know.

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Please do not mention the multiple argument version of the function. That is deprecated.

The only form you should mention is:

RED.notify('Your message here', options);
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Cool, thanks. Will do.

Update pushed to blog.