Node-Red AIML Mosquitto

Hi guys I have a problem between Node-Red and Python communicating through the broker Mqtt mosquitto. The problem is that I cannot convert the message.payload sent by the broker to python to pass it as simple user input.

Code Example:

import os
import sys
import json
import io
import aiml

def on_message(client, userdata, message):
from paho.mqtt.client import *
client = Client(client_id = "IA")



if os.path.exists(BRAIN_FILE):
print("Carico intelligenza artificiale: " + BRAIN_FILE)
print("Carico file AIML")
k.bootstrap(learnFiles="std-startup.aiml", commands="load aiml b")
print("Salvo file intelligenza Artificiale: " + BRAIN_FILE)

Inserimento domanda

while True:

input_text = input("Dimmi... ")

#Non mi passa richiesta Broker
**response = k.respond(input_text)**

#Editare per escludere risposta a terminale

#Invia Risposta a Broker
client.publish(topic = "risposta", payload = (response))

If I print on the screen "print (str (message.payload.decode (" utf-8 ")))" the message is displayed correctly, if I try to send it as input "response = k.respond (str (message.payload.decode ("utf-8")) "I'm getting errors
in summary I should send a string value with subscribe Mosquitto and send it to python as if it were user input. Thank you all for any help

I am not a programmer, but where did you import paho.mqtt.client?

In my code I have this at the start:

import time
import sys
import paho.mqtt.client as mqtt
import blinkt

Yours seems to be missing that line.

But I shall restate:
I am not a programmer

from paho.mqtt.client import *
client = Client(client_id = "IA")

if you look at the code it is imported after:
I do it to keep track. common libraries import them at the beginning

In node-red, add a debug node - set to display the complete msg object - to the node feeding the mqtt-out node so we can see what the data looks like.

Actually I already know how the data looks in fact convert them to utf8 via:
print (str (message.payload.decode ("utf-8")))

my problem is to convert print to input for python. As if given from terminal entries.

I'll explain better if I define: input_text = input ("Tell me ...")

and I set the answer:

response = k.respond (input_text)

then by entering the text from the keyboard the system responds correctly while if instead of "input_text" I insert:

response = k.respond (str (message.payload.decode ("utf-8")) the system only displays the payload but does not return python response to me as if the final send was missing or did not see the data

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