Node Red - Alexa and Shutters

I am using node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2 to interface my Alexa with Node-Red, but I am facing a problem with shutters. My shutter devices are not Alexa-compatible, so I am using Alexa Node Red skill Bridge to create "dummy devices" named "Dining shutter", "Kitchen shutter", and so on; but the skill only allows me to create these devices as "lights" or "thermostat" so I have to operate my shutters with "Kitchen shutter ON" or "Kitchen shutter OFF" (which is ugly).

I tried to use the "Listener" node of alexa-remote2 , extracting my "Open Kitchen Shutter" message and trigger a flow. It works, but every time Alexa Echo responds that "the device doesn't have this capability" (which is ugly too).

I know I could set up a routine for each shutter (err: 2 routines, one for UP and one for DOWN), but the devices are more than 20 and it will become a mess.

Any alternative way to have a shutter operate with UP/DOWN (or RAISE/LOWER) for my shutters? Has anyone faced the same problem?

Try node-red-contrib-virtual-smart-home (node) - Node-RED
it allows devices window coverings and garage door i think.

Very interesting, thank you!
I am struggling in trying to parse the output and select what I need to raise the blinds, but - indeed - the node is perfect for my needs!

Do you know if this node is in some way influencing node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2? Since I installed virtual device, Alexa stopped talking from my flows. Can it be a coincidence?

No idea, but alexa remote2 does seem to have reliability issues.

Yes, it does. But it has been forked and now it is working.

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