Alexa ai node red Phrasen does somebody has any idea...?

it would be very nice if someone could help me with a HOME AI with node red

i think the best way is about node-red-contrib-alexa or....????

by matze

This is a very big question.

Do you have any existing devices that you want to control?

What sort/type are they?

of course there are devices to control because i use shellys for all lights in the house but i would like to program some entertainment possibilities with alexa

example if i say alexa how are you should alexa answer me well and you or i am bored
like a kai with whom I can talk and react and respond to different conditions

Can you explain what that has got to do with node-red?

excuse me, my english is not the best my goal is to have a conversation that i have defined with alexa


Did you mean to post an image? It did not come through. You paste the image directly into here.

Hi matze,
but that example has nothing to do with Node-RED!?
You can talk to Alexa about the weather, but your Shellys won't start like this.
What do you have beside these Shellys, since "of course" we do not have any clue about that?

If you want to define responses to spoken text, you can do that with routines in the alexa app.

I know I can about this in Alexa app but I search a possible for node red

Yes use the node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2 or node-red-contrib-alexa-home-skill or node-red-contrib-amazon-echo. All work differently, but should be possible with limitations

Good morning yes exactly but I think with contribe alexa it is better possible just don't know exactly how someone might have an idea


with thr remote2 nodes
alexa event node set to device activity, you can get the spoken words from


then using routine node set to custom you can feed a json to get alexa to speak

{ type: 'speak', payload: { type: 'regular', text: 'Hello!', devices: ['My Echo']}

thanks for your effort to help me am an absolute newcomer to node red
i need a finished example to understand it and to expand it, thank you gruß matze

[{"id":"5da98f85.8cb3a","type":"function","z":"4484ee28.caa3c","name":"","func":"if (msg.payload.description.summary == \"computer hi good day\") {\n    msg.payload = { type: 'speak', payload: { type: 'regular', text: 'Hello', devices: ['Lounge']}}\n}else{\n    return [null,msg];\n}\nreturn msg;","outputs":2,"noerr":0,"initialize":"","finalize":"","x":380,"y":660,"wires":[["edab54d5.ac30e8"],[]]},{"id":"db208dee.bc539","type":"alexa-remote-event","z":"4484ee28.caa3c","name":"","account":"c9677242.dca69","event":"ws-device-activity","x":150,"y":660,"wires":[["5da98f85.8cb3a","b734f44.e9a4b08"]]},{"id":"edab54d5.ac30e8","type":"alexa-remote-routine","z":"4484ee28.caa3c","name":"","account":"c9677242.dca69","routineNode":{"type":"custom","payload":{"type":"msg","value":"payload"}},"x":580,"y":660,"wires":[[]]},{"id":"c9677242.dca69","type":"alexa-remote-account","z":"","name":"alexaremote2","authMethod":"proxy","proxyOwnIp":"","proxyPort":"3456","cookieFile":"alexa-remote2.txt","refreshInterval":"14","alexaServiceHost":"","amazonPage":"","acceptLanguage":"en-UK","userAgent":"","useWsMqtt":"on","autoInit":"on"}]

simple example, limitation you have to configure the spoken words in routines or a blue print question and answer to remove the alexa response i do not understand. This example uses the wake word computer, edit for alexa, echo, etc

hi good evening so i have tested it almost only alexa has to listen to a request and then be able to answer.
but otherwise that's very cool, thank you for your help.
if you still want to develop it further, I would be very happy.

By the way, I'm the matze and you ...

... der Stefan :grinning:

freut mich stefan woher kommst du den ..??

see my message ...

Ja schon klar :blush: ich meine aus welcher stadt / Bundesland

Aber wie auch immer :wink: hast du vielleicht eine Idee wie man den listening Modus der alexa im payload offen hält, so dass man mehrere Dinge abfragen und ausführen kann

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