NodeRed and Alexa for dialogues

I am using node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2-applestrudel to play announcements or prompts for different automatic or via my alexa skill requested information from the home environment, mainly from Homematic.
I now want to add a dialogue with Alexa. So Alexa should ask me something and depending on the result, I want to start a specific task.
e.g.: on a special event Alexa should ask me: "should I close the Jalousie on the Terrace?" I want to answer "yes", "no" or if something else was said ask again.
I found ideas with -Home Assistant-, but I only want to use NodeRed with my given Home automization (Homematic) and Alexa via direct interfaces.

A) Do somebody knows a solution or give me a link, how to solve this NodeRed/Alexa interworking?

B) I also found no good explanation, how node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2-applestrudel "Alexa Events" can work with the correct Alexa developer environment setup? Any idea?

If you are already using node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2-applestrudel to play announcements then you already know how to trigger the message "should I close the Jalousie on the Terrace?"

What you need to do is add an event node set to "device Activity", this will output a message with a property msg.payload.description.summary containing anything you have said to Alexa.

So after triggering your announcement, use this output to check for the word yes or no.

A switch node can do this, if you have the 3rd option in the switch node set to otherwise, then this output could trigger the announcement to play again.

NOTE the event node is notoriously unreliable !

I don't think what you've suggested is actually possible
AFAIK, Alexa will not respond to someone saying yes or no after making it speak a phrase

Even saying "Alexa yes" will illicit a response from Alexa "Sorry I don't know that"

It's possible and the logic will still work, You do need to say "Alexa Yes" but I agree that message could be irritating.

I just did quick test to see if a stop command would work to prevent the "Sorry I don't know that" message, but the event node is too slow I think.

In which case the best bet is to just create routines in the Alexa app for the commands you want to use.

Thank you @smcgann99 and @cymplecy for your feedback.
I used the event node and NodeRed is showing the status "litening".
In the Alexa Developer console I used in the skill an "Intend" and used the switch intent confirm. Now Alexa is asking with the entered question in the skill. But I only get "CONFIRMED" or "DENIED" in msg.payload.request.intent.confirmationStatus. With a wrong phrase also "CONFIRMED" and this also via the POST-HTTP message and not an event. So not really helpful.
I found some information with a home assistant implementation. But I do not want to use a solution without home assistant.

I don't use HA so cannot help with that side of things.
If there is a method in HA then I would suggest to use that, as I mentioned the activity node is very unreliable, and not really suited to creating a two way conversation.

Thank you @smcgann99 ,
I also do not want to use HA.
And your hint with the event is understood, but currently I do not receive any events. So I have to analyse this. Maybe a configuration event on the Alexa clouds side.
I still hope, that anyone can give a hint for NodeRed and Alexa question and answer Dialogs.

Can you explain what you mean here, e.g. what skill etc ?

In the Alexa Developer Console I created a custom skill to ask the home automatization with different Intents about a lot of different status information. "what is the temperture of....?", "Who is at home?" ... Alexa is delivering the result triggered by an NodeRed TTS.

Then one Intend for a planned question was planned started by e.g. "I want to leave the house"
Alexa shoud ask: "should I switch off the light in the floor?" I answer "yes" or "no"
or also othe questions should be possible: "give me the temperature" and Alexa should ask me: "For which room?" and I can answer with a room.

In the graphic you can see my attempt with "Intent Confirmation" switched on and a question, Alexa asks. But here no event comes or an reply with my spoken word.
As I said, I think I have an configuration issue, because I still have not understood the Alexa Iinterface.

Looks interesting but this is not something I have any experience with, so cannot really help I'm afraid.

Have you looked at this ?