Node-red and ds18b20 disconnecting sensors, cause? Unplug power, then all ok again



I have 13 ds18b20-sensors connected to my Raspberry PI. 3 of the sensors stop working at various times, but often after 1 day, or 1 1/2 day. My other 10 works 24/7. It's the same sensors every time that stops and show the value zero.

A reboot does not fix the problem, but if I pull out the power cable and plug back in, it works fine. I reinstalled rabian and tried another raspberry, no luck.

Any suggestions to the cause?

My wires are connected all together in 3 points, positive 3v, ground, and signal. And a 4.7k resistor.



Common reasons which are hard to detect

  1. bad connection on IO pins
  2. low/unstable voltage
  3. faulty sensor


maybe some of this is useful -