Node Red Arduino connection


Recently I have been having trouble with connecting Node Red to my Arduino Board. When I was trying to locate the serial port in Node Red, it was not detected. Any advise on what to do will be appreciated.


Do you have anything else using the serial port ? (like the arduino IDE) .
When you say recently - Did it used to work ?, Does it work occasionally ? Have you changed something ?

It has never worked before and the arduino is the only thing that is using the port. We are using arduino uno and we have watched tutorials create the connection step by step but it has not worked for us. (All of the tutorials we have watched use different models so that might be a reason it has not worked, but we have not found any instruction on how to do it with our model.)

So what version of Node-RED and nodejs are you using and on what platform?

When you start node-RED both these details are printed to the log. Please copy and paste that log here