Node-red arduino

*.ino in Arduino is working well
The flow for noder-red is ok
There is a communication error with /dev/ttyAMA0 Permission denied.

Is there someone with a solution for that permission denied.

on the command line type in the following:

$ ls /dev/ttyACM0  -l

On my system I get

crw-rw----+ 1 root dialout 166, 0 May 17 21:51 /dev/ttyACM0

Add the current user to the dialout group:

sudo adduser current_user dialout

so on a Raspberry Pi (If you chave not changed the default user)

sudo adduser pi dialout

You can find out the current user with



I tried this help

ls /dev/ttyAMA0 -l

crw -rw-rw- 1 root dialout 204 64 mei 18 15:30 /dev/ttyAMA0

pi is already member of dialout

Whoami Ă  pi

And the result is negative


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Can you post the output of:

ls /dev/ttyA*


The output is


Hope you can help me with this problem


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If pi is already a member of the group dialout I have no idea why access to the serial port is denied. Which version of Node-red are you using?

This is the Bluetooth port on the Pi!! I think you might be using the wrong serial port if you have a wired connection!

Have a look at this how to setup the port correct:

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Ghany thanks again.

Indeed i have a wired connection

ls /dev/tty* gives the possibility to use dev/ttyS0

I tried /dev/ttyS0 and the error “permission denied “has disapeared .

But now is there a new error:

"serial port /dev/ttyS0 error: Error: Error: No such file or directory, cannot open /dev/ttyS0

Now i am looking for that solution.


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Edje thanks

In deed i use the wrong port

I wiil try to read and understand your message


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