Node-red-contrib-blockly which blockly version is being used?

Hello I have to questions regardig node-red-blockly and I would love if someone could help me.

  1. Which version is being used in the node-red-blockly?
  2. Why do I get a empty toolbox when I download the newst node-red-blockly beta verison. This is what I see:

Thanks in advance!

What version is node-red and node?

Are there any errors in your browser console?

What browser are you using?

Ps, the version of blockly for the latest beta can be found here

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Hi @rth,
Are there any errors in the Console window of the Developer Tools in your browser? And can you describe your setup (hardware, operating system, Node-RED version...).
I assume it is somehow related to library loading issues...

Hello @Steve-Mcl and @BartButenaers
thanks for the reply!

  1. The errors I get are:

  2. As for my browser Im just using google chrome.

  3. Maybe I am downloading it in a wrong manner? I just downloaded the file from the Milestone 2.0.0 beta release 2 and replaced the node-red-contrib-blockly in my node_modules folder with the new file. Is that the right way to download it? (When I download the older versions of node-red-blockly as explained here node-red-contrib-blockly (node) - Node-RED everything works fine, but i dont know how to add this new beta version.

  4. What version of blockly is used in the new beta version?

Thanks a lot!

To install beta 2 you need to cd to your .node-red folder and do npm install node-red-contrib-blockly@2.0.0-beta.2

Also, I see you are running node-red 1.3.5 - not sure if Barts beta requires node-red V2.x?

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Thanks Steve for your assistance! Normally it sjould also work for Node-RED 1.3

Yes this is what I expected. The loading of the libraries has completely changed in our new version. So perhaps there is a bug in my code, or it is caused by the way you have installed the beta version.

Seems that the blockly libs cannot be found. Since our 2.0 version, the blockly npm module will be installed automatically as an npm dependency: if you have a look at the link that Steve has offered you, you see that you will get the latest blocly version available at this moment.

I am not sure if the npm dependencies are installed automatically, when you install blockly via our github releases page. Perhaps somebody else can answer that question.

Can you install it like Steve explained, and give us feedback.

Everything works now! Thanks a lot

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Thanks for letting us know it works now!

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