Node-red-contrib-bluetooth-serial-port installed failed

Hi everyone!

I have a problems while installing the node node-red-contrib-bluetooth-serial-port.

With node-red-contrib-bluetooth-serial-api (node) - Node-RED too but i resolved installing Visual Studio.

Can anyone help me to describe how to install the node node-red-contrib-bluetooth-serial-port?

Thans in advance

Welcome to the forum.

See this issue. It appears the node no longer works, and is no longer maintained.

Thanks Colin for your answer. Do you know if there are other node wich functions are similar to node-red-contrib-bluetooth-serial-port node?

I think the user TomerAbutbulQuris in the post you linked, shows a solution. How can i solved to works with this node?

I hope my english understand :slight_smile:

There is a link there to a fork that is supposed to fix the problem. You can install that by going into your .node-red folder (that is important) and running
npm install TomerAbutbulQuris/node-red-contrib-bluetooth-serial-port
then restart node-red.

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