Node-red-contrib-btcpay setup

Hi guys, i have just found out about Node-RED, and im very impressed.

Im trying to setup connection to my btcpay server instance, but im kinda stuck on part

Now you need to pair the client with your BTCPay store:

(done)Navigate to Stores > Settings > Access Tokens on your BTCPay Server
(done)Create a new token
(done)Leave PublicKey blank
(done)Request pairing
(done)Copy pairing code

(STUCK) Open the client configuration in BTCPay-API node on your Node-RED

Im confused and cannot figure out where is this client configuration on my Node-RED,

Any help?

I used this how-to

I have never used this node, but you should double click on one of your btcpay-api nodes in a flow to open the edit dialog of the node. Here, you should find a field that says something like Add new btcpay-api configuration...

If you cannot find that, post a screenshot of the edit dialog of the btcpay-api node.

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I have this


that looks like a bug to me.

Which version of node, node-red etc.?

I think the best is to raise an issue against

Its latest version of node-red and i did npm install from how-to.

Thanks for reply, will raise issue

I think this could be the problem, but im using docker version of node-red, i can enter docker instance in bash, but what to do to add this tslib ?

i tried npm update and npm install but no luck


npm install tslib fixed this :slight_smile:

It would be good if you could raise an issue against the node, giving the solution. Then, hopefully, it will get fixed by the author, or if not then at least it will be there for others to find.

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