Node-red-contrib-cache help


Is anyone using node-red-contrib-cache with uibuilder. It looks great but I am not sure whether I am doing things the best way.

I have read through the section on the wiki and it says:
"Simply send the control messages from the uibuilder instance to the input of an infocache node and it will resend all cached messages back to the individual client when the client is ready to deal with them." I have tried this, but this does not seem to trigger anything to happen. I think that I am misunderstanding how it works?


node-red-contrib-cache is not the same as node-red-contrib-infocache that you are referring to from the documentation. (different issue)

What does the node-red-contrib-cache node produce in the debug output ?
Caching in this context means that all the values are going to be set as the initial values.

Ah, silly me! I did a search for node-red-contrib-infocache and ended up on the page for node-red-contrib-cache. It seems that node-red-contrib-infocache does not exist in npm.

That explains why it does not work as i expected.

Check this post from julian to build a cache without the need of an additional node.

I saw that, but figured that node-red-contrib-infocache was the way to go as it was also written by him. I may go back and investigate.

Thanks for the pointer, that is exactly what I wanted to do

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