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Is there a alternative solution for node-red-contrib-chatbot for a RasperryPi?

I want to use this chatbot to send an image via telegram....

The telegram nodes are excellent. The documentation is very good and it has tons of examples.

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Thank you.

But what is wrong in this dialog? Error: staticPayload is not valid JSON


No idea. I dont use that set of nodes, I use node-red-contrib-telegrambot.

I thought this is part of node-red-contrib-telegrambot

What do you use to send an image?



I use node-red-contrib-telegrambot NOT node-red-contrib-telegrambot-home as like it looks like you have installed.



oh, sorry....and how do you configure which element for an image?

Start with the documentation i linked to - read the section "Sending photos, videos, ..." & try the example flow it includes.

Also, try the built in examples (ctrl+i)...
...there is one called SendPhoto...

then search this forum for "send image telegram" or "send picture telegram" - it has been covered a few times.

Then lastly, if you get stuck, pop back to the forum and post screenshots / flow / debug messages & people will be very glad to help you out.

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