"node-red-contrib-cip-ethernet-ip" is crashing node-red

Some background on what I am trying to accomplish. My company is a manufacturing facility, that has automated manufacturing lines. I have used node-red in the past for various projects, for example creating data streams form MQTT to Influx, as well as storing data into google drive and an sql database.

Currently I am trying to send Machine Status to a smartwatch/smartphone using the ethernet-IP node and telegram node. I'm sending data from a allen-bradley plc to telegram application on my smartphone.

This is the basic look of the flow:

After set-up and deploying the flow, everything will work fine for awhile and then node-Red will crash and I have to then uninstall everything and reinstall.

I have ran node-red using injects, instead of the Ethernet-IP node and this functions great.

Once the Ethernet-IP node is hooked back in the flow it will work for an hour and the crash.
Below is the error:

I have tried with all data types, it does not matter if its Boolean, Int, Dint or Real.
I am running node-red on my windows 10 machine if anyone is wondering.
If anyone has any information on this node this would help out a lot.

Here is what's in the function node if anyone is wondering.


You say it "crashes" node-red but as far as I can see (from your screenshots) node-red is still running.

I guess you mean the connection to PLC does not recover?

Have you tried simply stopping / starting node-red? or modify something in the EIP node & deploy (so it is stopped/started)?

In any case, you should report this as an issue on the nodes repository here: Issues · st-one-io/node-red-contrib-cip-ethernet-ip · GitHub

Once node red is installed and started, i configure my flow to the one shown above. Everything runs great for a few hours and then i get the error shown, like it stops communicating. Once this error is thrown on node red, Node-red completely crashes and I can not get back to my flows. The only way to get back in to the node-Red interface is to uninstall node red and reinstall.

Yes, I have tried starting and stopping, but once this error happens you can not do anything with it.

Thanks for the information, I will report it.

That is really not necessary (just a really really long and OTT work around)

Can you show the logs from node-red starting to node-red stopping & again after trying to restart?
(PS, copy the log as text not screenshot)

It seems my issue happened to be a timing issue between the plc and the windows machine. I changed the plc from continuous 500ms to periodic 10ms and then changed cycle time on ethernet IP node to 2000 ms. This seems to have worked for now.

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