Hi. I am using node-red-contrib-cip-st-ethernet-ip to connect with ControlLogix PLC. It is a very nice node and thanks to the contributor. I am trying to use this node in my manufacturing environment as a POC. Unfortunately now I am facing an issue which is described below:

When a PLC is disconnected from the LAN for a known reason (like maintenance, firmware upgrade or software upload), it does not always automatically reconnect - I have to manually restart the flow.

Can you help me solve this issue? It needs to reconnect automatically, otherwise it is not useful for an industrial environment.

@machadotiago @gfcittolin and others.

This has already been reported against the node's github repository, but it has not been addressed by the author, which suggests that the node is no longer supported. You may have to find an alternative solution or fork the repository and fix it yourself (or contract someone to do that).


With this setup, my issue solved. I have checked in the original code and noted, reconnection logic already implemented.

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