Error connecting to PLC in node-red-contrib-cip-ethernet-ip

Hi guys, im sorry if this question looks stupid, im new in node-red.

I keep getting this error:

Error connecting to PLC: Error: TIMEOUT occurred while attempting to establish TCP connection with Controller.

I'm NOT trying to use node-red-contrib-cip-ethernet-ip, but i cant uninstall it because it says its "in use", so basically i cant do anything at all in node red because i only get this error all the time and i dont know how to fix it, if i could just remove this node icould try to understand whats happening.

First thing id do is confirm the TCP port is open on the PLC
without knowing that you could be chasing your tail

i try to google it but idk how to check it.

i used "netstat -aon" on cmd but i dont really know how to read the result it gaves me

If your on windows grab something like angry IP scanner and tell it to scan whatever port the PLC uses

If your on linux use nmap

Do you know what port the PLC is using?

FYI.. netstat is only going to tell you what ports are open or inuse on your local windows PC

i dont =/

some more info if your going to angry IP


when you do a scan it will show this


hope this helps

thats a bit of a problem then!

a bit of a search it may be port 49100 ?? not sure

Click on the Hamburger menu in node red and select Configuration Nodes, then select unused at the top. I expect you will see a config node to do with the cip node there. Click it and hit Delete. You can also delete any other unused nodes there. Then deploy. Then you should be able to uninstall it.

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Thanks a lot, it works, sorry for the silly problem.

No need to apologise, it isn't at all obvious what is going on until you know that this can happen.

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