Ethernet-ip protoccol

Hi Everbody;
I am trying to read tags from Allen Bradley Micro 850 PLC with node-red-contrib-cip-ethernet-ip node
but I am taking this error : Error connecting to PLC: Error: TIMEOUT occurred while reading Controller Props. How Can I solve this problem.

It's a bug.

But perhaps you can work with the author to fix the bug.

How Can I get the author code?

First of all Thank you for answer.
How Can I fix it?

Click on the link to the nodes GitHub page and open an issue there

If you are having problems with the Allen Bradley Ethernet-ip node, please follow this link to the GitHub page

Please either add to an existing issue, or open a new one. These folks will be helpful to address an issue that you can give good background information.

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RamazanAslan38, here are a couple of steps you might take if you've not already.

  1. Verify you can ping the PLC
  2. Verify you have visibility to port tcp 44818, you may also need to open 2222 as well.
  3. Verify the slot number for the PLC is correct.
  4. Verify the tag name and scope are correct.

I'm currently using this node to communicate with several AB PLC's from version 13 to 21 but not the Micro 850. . Let me know if you have any further questions or need additional help.