I would like to create node-red-contrib-context-project that behaves just like @node-red/runtime/lib/nodes/context/localfilesystem.js but uses the current project folder as dir option.
I would appreciate feedback on that idea already!

Problem from my first Context Store API discovery:

  • i have no access to settings which would give access to settings.get("projects").activeProject and the corresponding parent directory settings
  • i could not find a proper project api to trigger a commit if auto-commit is enabled
    Recommendations for this?

Btw: would it be possible to use git-http transport by creating git-credentials and changing remote origin in the project folder or would it get reset by Node-Red?

Thanks for comments!

Mario Wolff

Any feedback on my thoughts and questions?

I’d rather see this be in the core than another node. I’ve thought it should have been that way since projects first appeared.

@knolleary Nick any thoughts?

What is the use case this is solving? Rather than jump to a solution, I'd prefer to understand the problem.

The projects directory is a git repository and contains the version controlled contents of the project. Putting the non-version controlled runtime state in that same directory doesn't fit my mental model of the world.

If have project A and save context X and Y and then switch to project B which also has a context variable X, it will pick up the X data from project A. In addition, it now had a context Y avialable.

Maybe the answer is that when you switch projects, the context variables shoud be deleted.

Which is now an option in the Open Project dialog with 2.2.0

I see the flow as business-logic that acts in a (stored) context to give a project.
Currently i set inMemory context in an onStart-function node to keep context and flow together, but it feels wrong.
I use context for a kind of shared, flow wide, base setting. In my case it includes a tenant and some service endpoints belonging to that tenant. I run the almost same flow on different node-red instances by patching the onStart-function. Im currently moving to a custom wrapper embedding node-red where i can set the global inMemory context depending on the hostname i'm running on.

Ahhh, I missed that in the change log. GREAT!

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