Node-red-contrib-createrandom - Create random data for testing and more

If you need to generate test data for your flows, node-red-contrib-createrandom might be able to help. It can create random values using customizable generators. Any customizations can be set on the pallette or by incoming message. As of now, the following generators are available.

  • UUID: several versions of RFC-compliant UUIDs.
  • Number: a whole integer within a range.
  • User: a user object via
  • Hex: a hexadecimal value as string.

Give it a try.

Might I suggest you move the source to GitHub so people can (1) take a look at the code, (2) report errors (3) ask questions (4) make suggestions and (5) possible create PR's

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A random buffer of definable length might also be useful?

Hi @Vahdettin I can see this being quite useful for those needing test data (faking a database call etc)

Would you consider adding some of the following...

  • random text generator (variable length)
  • array of string / number / float / integer / object
  • custom random via schema

That shouldn't be too hard to add. But what do you mean "random via schema"?

Steve we already have node-red-node-data-generator (node) - Node-RED

Ah. I've not seen or used that. Thanks Dave.

@Vahdettin what I was meaning was to allow the user to generate dummy data by some descriptive specification that permitted pretty much any shape data you need.