Simulate speeding in node red

I was wondering if anyone has any idea how I can simulate speeding in node-red, like the data that can be collected through a laser speed gun or a radar...
To put you in the situation, I need to generate this kind of data in order to use it to sort the drivers into good drivers and reckless drivers. Any kind of clue is appreciated. Thank you.

You could use the random node to generate values.

Or indeed the $random function in a change node using JSONata. $random() * 150 should give you a value between zero and 150 for example.

Thank you for your reply! I will try it out and see if it will be of any help in my case since the values I need since I was thinking I should be using an increasing function of sort or maybe a hyperbolic function.

Thank you for replying!! I am a beginner in node-red and I haven't gotten the chance to use the change node yet, I will take your advice and experiment with it. Thank you.

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