Node-red-contrib-cx-alarm-log: Error 'node_version' field is missing in the CSV config

When first initiating this Node, I get the error: 'node_version' field is missing in the CSV config.
From what I can tell I have setup the csv file correctly:

node_version,1.1.0,required. It is version of the Alarm Logger node,
version,1,optional. Version of the config.,
8000A-OEE-Value,8000AOEEValue,W:<61{OEE_LV}:OEE Low Value Warning,100{OEE_HV}:OEE Beyound Limits
8000A-OEE-Value,8000APerformance,W:<91{Perf_LV}:Performance Low Value Warning,100{Perf_High}:Performance Too High Check Speed Overide
8000A-OEE-Value,8000APN,I:1:Nominal Cycle Time,
8000A-OEE-Value,8000APT,I:1:Total Cycle Time,
8000A-OEE-Value,8000AAvailability,W:<100{LA_100}:Below Standard,100{HA_100}:Too High Check Speed Overide
8000A-OEE-Value,8000AATT,I:1:Total Available Time,
8000A-OEE-Value,8000APDT,I:1:Planned DownTime,
8000A-OEE-Value,8000AAUPDT,I:1:Unplanned DownTime,
8000A-OEE-Value,8000AANS,I:1:Unscheduled Time,
8000A-OEE-Value,8000AQuality,W:<100{BD_Parts}:Some bad parts were Produced,
8000A-OEE-Value,8000AQTP,I:1:Total Parts,
8000A-OEE-Value,8000AQBP,I:1:Total Bad Parts

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Joe

As this is a contributed node and maybe not so well known - you may be best contacting the author via the project page GitHub - controlx-io/node-red-contrib-cx-alarm-log: A Node-RED industrial alarm parser for simple HMI applications

Thanks, just getting my hands dirty. It’s fun. Joe Lewis


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