Node-red-contrib-google-smarthome User verification feature

Just trying a new & useful feature that will shortly be added to node-red-contrib-google-smarthome - user verification.

It is very easy to set up and works on all of the devices listed in the 'device' node, and has two modes, an acknowledgement node where Google will confirm your request each time, and a PIN mode which requests a PIN number to fulfil the request.

It should be useful for example opening/closing garage doors, starting/stopping certain electrical devices, etc.

Here's a quick video...


That's pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

Ps. While watching your video, it stopped twice as you said the magic phase and my phone started listening for a command :joy::joy::joy:


A further feature is also about to be added - being able to set the PIN by passing a msg into the device node.

Now it gets interesting, because 20 seconds (which is configurable) after the previous voice command, the device node emits a msg, which could be then used to generate a new random PIN, which can then be sent to your phone via Telegram, pushover or whatever.

So to summarize; to be able to execute a voice command if this feature is activated, it would be a different PIN number each time, which would be stored on your phone, or on your node-RED dashboard.

Nice. Thanks for the follow-up and test effort!!
P.s. here is the direct link to the discussion.

This works like a charm! Very kind of you to share it here...

BTW do you know whether it is also possible to ask for a (custom) confirmation? For example:

  1. You say "Activate the alarm system".
  2. But you left a door open, so the magnetic reed relay of that door currently has a 'problem' detected.
  3. It would be nice if the Assistant could say: "Are you sure to continue, because you left the kitchen door open".
  4. Then you can quickly close the kitchen door, and start again from step 1.

Did a few more experiments, and got some issues (which I have reported here)...

Not exactly custom notifications, but that sort of thing is already built it.
I haven't tried it, but this guide may help- Actions on Google Smart Home  |  Google Developers

User Arm the security system.
Google Assistant The front door is open. Are you sure you want to arm the security system?
User Yes.
Google Assistant Ok, arming the security system.
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