Can Node-Red send an alert to my phone?

My apologies in advance if I am asking a stupid question, being of "advanced" years and very new to Node Red that is highly likely.
I have set up Home assistant on a Raspberry Pi and have started to put together some simple flows.
I have a sensor on my garage door and also Life360 on my phone. I want to create a flow that checks to see if the garage door has been open for more than 5 minutes, then check to see if I am home or away. If away, I then want it to somehow send an audible alert to my phone and that is the part I have no idea how to accomplish.
Any help would be most appreciated.

You can easily send 'push' messages to your phone "Garage door still open" with a tone.
See the node-RED node library -

Also see node-red-contrib-telegrambot which is a popular choice in the forum.

I personally use node-red-node-pushover because it's easy to set up (but the app costs $4.99 - one off payment)

Oh yes, nearly forgot - welcome to the forum!!

I have set up an email account just for my Node-RED, I then send txt messages ( - Verizon (USA)) to my phone via the email node.
Last step was to put custom text alert tone for that email/text sender.
Very easy to set up and maintain, and best of all. Free.

Thanks, will try that too.

Thanks, I see that Pushover has a 7 day trial so will try to set that up. I see in the pushover node there is a User Key which I guess comes when you install the app but what is the API Token, where do I get that from?
Many thanks.

I've not tried push bullet but I can second telegram. Here's a demo I did for someone.

When you register on you can see your user key.
At the same site, register an application - for example node-RED, and you can then see your API Token for that application.
Your phone would be registered as a device.

Thanks for that, I registered an app and received a Token but I must be doing something wrong here.
When I paste the token into the node properties it shows as about 30 dots., its quite a long token. But after I have deployed it, when I open it again there are only 8 dots. No messages are being sent . As you can probably tell I am pretty green at this.

Don't worry about the dots, that is normal behaviour and the way in which node-RED handles credentials and keeps them safe.
The number of dots is also not an indicator of the number of characters in the hash.

Something else is the problem, but when I can get on my laptop I'll try and help further, and get this working.

Thanks for your advice. I am not sure exactly what I did but now its all working. I need to go back and see what I did that made it all happen but thank you for taking the time to help, its much appreciated.

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Related to push notification: You can use Line-notify node to simply configure with Line app in your phone. Everything is free.

Thanks, will look into it.

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