Node-RED SMS send

what is the best way to send via Node-Red an sms , to an i Phone, Thanks Konrad

Must it be an 'sms' message??
Telegram is used by loads of people to send text, images, etc... to a mobile phone (Android or iOS) from Node-RED. It's bi-directional, so you can also send messages to Node-RED from your phone.
It's a great way to control physical things via Node-RED from your phone.

There are loads of examples published with the node.


Telegram is probably the way to go if you need to send messages back to node-red, but if you don't, SMS/MMS has the not inconsiderable virtue of not needing to install anything on the target phones nor explain to the users how to use Telegram.

I push alert messages with photos from my AI alarm system using my phone provider Email to MMS gateway and the node-red Email node. This way I can redirect the monitoring to my neighbor, sister-in-law, etc. to keep an eye on things while we are away. Having to install and show them how to use Telegram would be all pain and no gain.

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