For information, the node-red-contrib-google-smarthome node is likely to be updated shortly.

Currently, the node credentials are saved in the flow itself (which are exposed if you export a flow), and the change will ensure that the credentials will be in future safely stored in node-RED's flows_cred.json encrypted file instead.

This is likely to be a breaking change, as when updated, you will need to re-add your credentials again.

I found it useful in preparation for this change, to highlight the Smarthome Management node and export it. The result will contain the Client ID, Client Secret, JWT key, etc, which can then be easily pasted back when you have updated.

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Hi Paul,
Do you have insider knowledge, or is it just a feeling?
I have tried this node a couple of months ago, but unfortunately it didn't work in my setup for some unknown reason ...
So then I decided to wait for this new version, because it seemed like a major upgrade to me.
And I hope it provides some extra logging, to simplify the troubleshooting.

I'm watching the repo, and trying to keep up to date with it's development.

Yes, I had to run through the configuration twice in order to get it working, but once I did, it's worked perfectly since, and is used several times a day for different shelly devices.
I've since made a few amendments to the readme, to try and explain the areas which I found confusing, which have now been merged, so it's definitely worth trying again.

Nice to hear that you help others like me, by contributing to their readme :+1:

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v0.1.0 has now been published on npm, with the changes described above.

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Hi folks,

I had read the above warning some time ago, so I had made a backup of my credentials. But I hadn't made a backup of some other fields (JWT token, ...).

But seems that the upgrade erases ALL the information in the config screen! So make sure you backup the content of every field in the config screen!

For those - like me - that have forgotten the good advice from our friend @Paul-Reed, I have reinstalled the old version again:

npm install node-red-contrib-google-smarthome@0.0.68

By doing that, all data was available again in my config node screen :heart_eyes:

Note that I hadn't deployed yet, so not sure if it would have worked then also...

Hopefully this tip can help some other folks ...

Now logging of in my belovely Node-RED system, to spend some time with my belovely lady to celebrate her birthday :wink:


Yes, but if you export it first, the export file will contain all of the necessary information that you need to restore all of the necessary credentials.

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It is working again. Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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They wife just screamed: "Hey Google, get Bart away from Node-RED" :rofl:
I'm afraid we share the same kind of humor...