Does someone have any idea how to work with node-red-control-ical-events? There is no descrpiption and there is no help.

There's a very limited bit about configuration in the ReadME. If that's not enough ( I've not tried) you could open an issue on the nodes github page (link on the nodes page on
The last update was only two days ago, so in dialogue with the author you could help define what other information is needed in order to use it.

Hi kees,

although we already fixed your "bug" via the GitHub issues, I would appreciate if you could give me some hints, what's a good information for New users.

Thanks in advance

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It would be helpful to explain any iCal server's you've tried/tested it with. You mention http basic auth but I would guess that most iCal server's don't actually support that? I would think that most would require something like OAuth. So some explanation of the security settings would probably be welcomed.