Hey lovelies!
I want to share with the community the beginnings of an IFTTT broker node library! With this library you can initial IFTTT Triggers from a Node-RED flow and have a Node-RED flow initiated by IFTTT!

The most obvious examples I like to give are:

  • leveraging the IFTTT Location Service's Trigger to tell Node-RED when I've left and arrived home (by having the IFTTT app on my phone)
  • A Node-RED flow passing a message to the IFTTT Notification Action to prompt me on my phone (again, by having the IFTTT app on my phone, without having to do any custom app and push notification certification mess)

To check it out the requirements and instructions please visit Right now the instructions are bare bones, I will be elaborating on them more soon. It's super early and will continue to get love. Let me know what you think, what you would like to see next, and any way you would like to help out!



If it requires http/https access to the Node-RED instance, could you add a note in the ReadMe to the directions on how to secure Node-RED?

There was/is someone searching for unsecured Node-RED instances which they then run their own crypto miner flows.


Good call!

Updated here:

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