Node-red-contrib-iiot-opcua | empty field


I have an OPC UA server running and connected to UA Expert. I have tried to inject data from the general "inject node" to a "OPCUA-IIoT-Server-ASO" and after that to the OPC UA Server, everything is ok except the field "value" that has as value " " instead the string that I am injecting. How can I fix it?

Thank you

I think you need to give us a few more clues, we are not telepathic. You say you are injecting a string, but then that the field value is empty. How is the string supposed to get from the payload to that field, or are you asking how to construct a message with the field value containing a string you inject? If so then you can use a change node to do that.

Ok, you are right. I hope that this image can help to understand my problem. You can see remarked in red the type of "opc ua node" that I am using and remarked in blue the ouput with the field value with a " " instead of "hello" that is what I am injecting.

You will need someone who knows about that node I think.
Tell us exactly which node you have installed. node-red-contrib-something probably.

I only installed node-red-contrib-iiot-opcua

so in your image

msg.payload = "hello"


msg.payload.value = " "

It might be worth reading the Working with messages page in the docs

Which will explain how to use the debug to spot things such as this.

I continue with the same problem. Any other help is welcome.

I have the latest node and Node-RED versions on Windows 10. I upgraded recently and all the nodes which "needed", or suggested upgrading. My system is still in development but I did a test on several OPCUA nodes some time ago to test the features of Node-RED and other I/O i need for it to serve as a replacement for a system we are needing to upgrade.

I just upgraded "node-red-contrib-iiot-opcua" to 3.10.2. Now I opened the "OPCUA IIoT Inject" and there are no available options to see. However, when you "export", you clearly can see options I filled out when I first tested it. So, definitely, there is something wrong with the interface to Node-RED editor. At least with the "Inject" node.

You are injecting the "Payload" or "msg.Payload". The object you are looking at is the "msg.Payload" object you created. It's showing you the "msg.Payload object", The "msg.Payload.Value" is not the same thing as "msg.Payload" content as a string.

You expanded msg.Payload from a string to an object containing that list of items to include "Value".