Node-red-contrib-ldap-login not returning users attributes v0.0.15

I have tried both AD login and LDAP find nodes. Both return a bind success, but neither return any user/group attributes.

If I include msg.ad_attributes with JSON as specified on GitHub I still get no values for the attributes.

Both have debug connected to them and the LDAP find doesn't even send anyhting to it on succeful bind.

On the AD server I have verified via wireshark that no atrributes are returned. Any ideas why because if I do an Auth through another AD Auth server it does?

This sounds like a question for the nodes author. I would open an issue about it at GitHub - dmvstar/node-red-contrib-ldap-login: LDAP user login check for Node-RED

Ok, thx I'll do that. If I learn anything interesting I'll post it back here as a soluton.


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