Refresh logged in node-red making issues

Hi all,

I having a issue with node-red.
When i log in from Ldap ( a script we built ) everything is ok.
After refreshing the page we loosing all the connection ui and grid of the nodes.


After (NOK):

I can't see connection nor move them as normal.
I'm using nodered/node-red:minimal as docker container.
Fix only logout and refresh.

check your browser console for errors.

check you node-red console for errors.

This doesn't happen with normal authentication so probably related to the "script you build" for LDAP.

Are you running multiple instances of the container behind a load balancer?

Hi Steve,
You right i had a ldap authentication error that messed up my all node-red.
Fixed it and thought it was fixed.
Still crashes !!

Hi Nick,
Sometimes i do use few instances, is it a problem with ldap?

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