Node Red website asks credential repeatdly and my url not always opens ?what could be the possible reasons

can anyone help me out with the information how im gonna configure the node red so it stop annoying me with repeated same issues !!

Can you be more specific?

Is it the node-red login or a another Auth login (screenshot might help)

You say "URL not always opens"...
Is your ping reliable?

What device is node-red running on? How are you accessing it - localhost? Via internet?

i meant this login . it asks for the username over nd over...some times it runs normally but some times it happens like can i normalise it? running it through ibm cloud on my pc via internet ..
when i say url not opens i mean the url i created in my flow

Is it possible to check logs on IBM cloud instance? Could it be your node-red is crashing and restarting?

That might answer the 2 issues you mentioned (sometimes not connecting and log in request)

it looks like this doesnt say an error or crash ....even if its crashing ...what could b the way to solve the issue ?


it shows crash status like this .....can u tell me how to solve the issue ...would be thankful if u could help remove this headache

I dont have any knowledge of the platform so dont know its limits. Also, you dont say how heavily loaded your flows are.

I would suggest you edit the title so it gets more attantion

Perhaps something like "IBM cloud node-red instance crashes and restarts every minute 'Out of memory'"

I'm facing the same problem.... very annoying!
Would be great if some specialist could help us.

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