Node-red-contrib-msg-queue Data base

Hi everyone, if someone has used the node-red-contrib-msg-queue I have a doubt:

The queue is stored in a SQLITE Database which is installed locally on the device that is running the Node Red. This node stores automatically the data when there's no connection and when there's connection the data is sent and automatically deleted from the SQLITE data base, I have noticed that the file of the data base obviously increases its size when the data is stored.

So my question is: the maximum size that the file of the data base can reach depends on how much free space is in the device or there's a specific limit?

I'm thinking that the only way to know this is by trying to fill the sd card and see what happens but I'm not sure

You might want to open an issue on the node’s github page and ask the author of the node that question.

A simple search often reveals answers to questions like this:

Any filing system has a maximum file size. A database that is file-based like SQLite will be subject to that limit but may also have its own limits.

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To add to what @TotallyInformation said...

SQLite database files have a maximum size of about 140 TB


It is simply subject to your filing system and storage size. For example, if the file system was FAT16 then 2GB would be your limit.

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